Unlike all other commercially available NRC 2001 diet software, the Core Component Optimizer operates fully within the NRC model framework delivering 100% model-accurate diet solutions in a robust, one-step optimization process. Say good-bye to formulating an NRC 1989 diet as a starting point then nursing it through a long, frustrating session of manual, trial and error tweaking just to get in the ballpark with your MP-AA objectives.

Instead, set your MP-AA constraints, click on a menu option and let the optimizer do the heavy lifting. By working fully within the NRC model framework, the optimizer completely eliminates the need for "starter diets", multiple manual adjustments and every other out-of-model compromise. When you set constraints for 180 gm of MP-Lys and 60 gm of MP-Met, that's what the solved diet delivers - on the very first run. The Core Component optimizer produces what-you-constrain-is-what-you- get diet solutions in just a few seconds. Anything beyond that is purely discretionary. And, wherever that takes you, you'll get there in a fraction of the time currently required

With an Intel Core I5 650 processor at 3.20 GHz solution times range from less than one second to about 4 or 5 seconds. That means in addition to formulating 100% model-accurate diets, your time in front of the computer will also be much more productive. Model-accurate diets in a fraction of the time. What's not to like?