About Training

Appropriate training in the use of the Formulate2 Core Component toolset, the NRC science behind the toolset and application of the science via the toolset in commercial production venues is a requirement for licensing the Core Components.

CVNA provides a full range of training that will take you all the way from the Conference Room to the Parlor and help you gain the proficiency you need to produce results in the milk tank. The full CVNA training team includes Dr. Chuck Schwab, Professor Emeritus – University of New Hampshire. Dr. Schwab was a member of the NRC 2001 committee and was responsible for development of the NRC 2001 AA sub-model. We're very happy to be working with Dr. Schwab to provide both the scientific background and the practical application of the NRC AA sub-model in actual field practice.

For more information on the "Conference Room to Parlor" training program, please click here.