Our Team

Pictured left to right: Dr. Charles Schwab, Gary N. Foster, Donna L. Foster, Dr. Richard Ware, and Dr. Brian Sloan

Dr. Charles Schwab – Schwab Consulting, LLC
Professor Emeritus, Animal Sciences
University of New Hampshire
CVNA Collaborator
Consultant to Adisseo

Gary N. Foster - CVNA Member/Manager
Nutritional, Software and AA Balancing Consulting Associate
Developer of Formulate2 and the
Formulate2 Core Component Suite
Research and Development
Technical Support

Donna L. Foster - CVNA Member/Manager CEO/CFO
Project Manager
Customer Support

Dr. Richard Ware - CVNA Member/Manager
Vi-COR Liaison to CVNA
CVNA Collaborator

Dr. Brian Sloan – Adisseo
Ruminant Business Manager
Product consultant to CVNA
CVNA Collaborator